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1. Basic parameters

Magnification: arbitrary zoom between 15 times and 55 times

Objective lens diameter: 21MM

Objective: Two pieces of glass, coated with multi-layer blue film

Prism: BAK7 prism, a combination of first-level roof prism and half-roof prism.

Eyepiece: Three pieces of glass, coated with multi-layer blue film.

Eyepiece: 13mm, with a long exit pupil (people wearing glasses do not need to take off the glasses)

Telescope length: 107mm (easy to carry, can be put in the pocket)

Mirror body material: aluminum alloy metal mirror body, wrapped in soft rubber leather.

Features of this product: It can be connected to a tripod, zoom at will, and focus on the objective lens.

Accessories: desiccant, lens cleaning cloth, soft bag, lanyard, manual, color box packaging.

Scope of application: travel, viewing, ball games, concerts, sports meets, sailing, fishing, testing and other different purposes.


 2. Instructions for using the telescope

       Hold the telescope barrel with your left hand and see a circular field of view, turn the eyepiece with your right hand until you see a clear scene. Pay attention to the position of the scale at the eyepiece. Generally, you can turn it to the same position when you use it again in the future.

       The monocular telescope has the characteristics of folding the rubber eyecup, which can be folded up and used by the wearer of the eyewear, and the eyewear can be used normally by the person who does not wear the glasses, which makes the viewing more convenient and comfortable.


Third, the maintenance of the telescope

(1) When wiping the lens, use the lens flannel attached to the telescope or other soft and clean cloth.

(2) When removing the remaining dirty spots or stains, drop one or two alcohols on the flannel.

(3) Keep the telescope in a dry environment.

(4) Never try to clean the inside of the telescope or try to disassemble the telescope.


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