Wide angle macro fisheye combination 8x mobile phone external camera set


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Universal three-in-one lens for mobile phones

Lens: optical glass, multi-layer coating anti-reflective, magnesium-aluminum alloy lens body ultra-wide angle 0.63X, high-definition macro 15X, fisheye 198°

Product introduction: The super wide angle makes the field of view wider. The charm is reflected in the sense of distance and space that it emphasizes, and the magnificent effect of the magnificent scenery is expressed with an exaggerated perspective. High-definition macros, flowers and insects, as well as some tiny objects, magnify those images that make us curious but cannot often see in life. The fish-eye, taking round pictures, makes the building more magnificent, and the characters and animals more interesting and vivid.

This product uses multi-layer coating to make your vision clearer!


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