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0.45x Professional SLR Broadband Anti-Reflection Green Coating

0.45 times super wide angle +12.5 times macro

Three selling points: no distortion, no vignetting, large field of view

Lens composition: 2 elements in 2 groups

Product material: aluminum alloy

Glass material: Optical glass coated with multilayer antireflection coating

[Product name]: Macro wide-angle mobile phone lens

[Product color]: black rose gold

[Product material]: alloy + optical glass + coating

【Magnification】: 0.45

【Structure】: Two sets of two pieces

[Full set includes]: packing box, lens bag, wide-angle lens, metal front lens cover, plastic rear lens cover

[Applicable]: Universal for all mobile phones and tablets.

Product introduction: The wide-angle lens has a short focal length and a large viewing angle. It can capture a larger area of ​​scenery within a shorter shooting distance. Therefore, it is widely used in the shooting of large scenes.


Wide-angle-0.45 times the ultra-wide-angle effect, the viewing angle is larger, and it can cover a wide range of scenery. Make the picture more three-dimensional, more funny and fun.

Macro-3-6cm macro effect, especially good at expressing flowers, fish, insects and other small things.

The two-in-one suit is suitable for street shooting, scenery, selfies, cool fun and walking records, and a different circle of friends.


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