Mobile phone camera universal lens fisheye macro wide-angle triple external camera


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The fisheye lens, powerful visual impact, allows the mobile phone to take pictures of the circular screen, with a very exaggerated artistic sense.

The macro lens allows the phone to take pictures of tiny things at close range, such as insect skin and many interesting little things.

The wide-angle lens allows the phone to take a wider range of photos and accommodate more landscapes.

Clip wide-angle + macro + fisheye triple lens

The product contains: a clip lens base

0.67x wide angle + one macro lens

180 degree fisheye lens

A velvet bag (used to hold the lens and wipe the lens)

product advantages

● Appearance: Aluminum alloy shell is used, which is more light and bright.

● Material: use optical glass lens.

● Process: The lens has increased the transmittance of the lens.

● Practical: The new clip connection makes it easier for guests to load and unload.

● Installation: The lens connection does not need to be 100% centered and will not affect the imaging.

● Application: Applicable to 95% of mobile phones with camera function on the market.


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