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The long-awaited 18x mobile phone telephoto lens ABS material is finally online. After a new light path design and appearance improvement, the viewing angle is clearer and wider!

Introduction to the lens:

This telephoto lens is a newly launched mobile phone photography telephoto lens, with a magnification of 18 times, an upgraded compatibility, a combination of optical glass coating + BK4 prism, and good light transmission. Universal detachable screw fixing special clip design, suitable for most smart phones, simple and convenient operation.


Lens parameters

Lens magnification: 18 times

Number of lens groups: 5 elements 4 groups

Lens diameter: 25mm Clip diameter: 18mm

Product material: ABS plastic

Glass material: Multi-layer coated optical lens

Lens color: gray, blue

Applicable models: universally used in smart phones

Lens weight: 62g

Standard weight: 120g

Full set weight: 170g

Product size: 10.5*3.5CM

Packing size: 10.5*4.2*15.5cm


Step 1: Align the screw on the back of the lens with the metal part of the special clip, and turn the screw to tighten to stabilize the lens.

The second step:

Separate the slide clip with the lens installed, and separate the black gasket from the back of the lens to the available width of the phone, so that the clip can be firmly fixed on the phone.

third step:

After the lens is fixed on the mobile phone, you need to manually adjust the focus of the lens and the mobile phone to effectively ensure the image quality, so that you can take a satisfactory photo.

Standard configuration: 18x telephoto lens + cat clip + eye mask + color box packaging

Complete set: 18 times telephoto lens + cat clip + eye mask + triangle bracket + U-shaped clip + color box packaging


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