8x mobile phone telescope HD external mobile phone lens


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[Super three functions]

1. It can be used as a single-tube telescope, and equipped with a telescope eyepiece cover

2. It can be connected to all kinds of mobile phones and equipped with a mobile phone clip. As long as it can be clipped, the camera is at the back (except for the telescopic lens), basically it can be installed on the scene;

3. It can be connected to a digital camera, ultra-thin type, the lens does not extend, and the clamping range is between 45MM and 70MM.

Related accessories: a main lens, a mobile phone clip, a cloth, eyepiece cover, manual, color box packaging

[Mobile phone camera telescope]

Comes with a mobile phone clip, which can be fixed on the phone

Green lens coating

Magnification: 8 times

Field of view: 16 degrees

Objective lens diameter: 18MM

Exit pupil distance: 2.3MM

Eye point distance: 10MM

Product size: 34*60MM

Product weight: 35 grams


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Wallpaper area: 5.3 (sq.ft)
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