Continuous zoom low-light night vision high-definition high-power telescope


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technical parameter:

Model: 10-30x25

Magnification: 10 times -30 times, between 10 times and 30 times can be adjusted as needed (the standard magnification is the real magnification)

Eyepiece diameter: 10mm

Objective lens diameter: 25mm

Objective lens outer diameter: 33mm

Prism category: bk4

Coating: Multi-layer broadband green film

Dimensions: The shortest dimension: 128mm×31mm; the longest dimension: 182mm×31mm

Field of view: 10 times: 3.5°~30 times: 2.0°

Focusing method: Stretching or rotating focus (two methods)

Material Description:

Internal and external materials: the lens body parts are metal, and some parts are elastic rubber

Material: Imported aluminum alloy

Colour: Black

Product net weight: 108g

Gross weight: 150 grams

Environmental parameters: (Storage conditions of the telescope)

Temperature (℃): Normal temperature 20℃—25℃

Humidity: 65% or less

Tripod interface: support


Traveling, outdoor sports, watching and using. This model has a close focal length of up to 0.5m, which is not only impressive, but it is also quite advantageous to observe the exhibition at close range.

It is small and light, and can be carried at any time.


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