Binocular high magnification night vision all-optical green film outdoor sight glasses


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  • Product Code: BRT-840

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●"Easy to fold" eye mask, comfortable to observe

  High quality and low price, large sapphire eyepieces with long pupils and "easy-folding" goggles. Even if you wear glasses, it is convenient and comfortable to observe for a long time without being tired or dizzy.

●Anti-reflection green film lens, vivid color reproduction

   Large-aperture, multi-layer broadband anti-reflection green film lens, vivid color reproduction, high brightness, can observe more details of the scene in dim light.

●Prism, clear imaging

    The BAK4 coated high-grade large prism has a clear image and can see animal hair clearly, even the edge image quality is equally clear and bright.


Basic parameters

  Product specifications: 8 x 40 mm

Focus mode: center focus

Prism structure: Porro

  Prism glass: BaK-7

  Field of view (m@1000m): 113m

  Closest focusing distance: 4.3m

  Exit pupil diameter: 5.0mm

Exit pupil distance: 12mm

Weight: 518g

Accessories: manual, carry-on backpack, sling and lens cleaning cloth. Real multiple, high-definition optical quality

Tripod interface, mirror body aluminum alloy, rubber covered, mirror case.


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